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Pat Pughe-Parry
Learning and Study Skills Course
by Pat Pughe-Parry - Tuesday, 10 March 2015, 2:32 PM


On the 30th March 2015 we will be launching our 9 Section Learning and Study Skills Course for tweens, teens and young adults.

Watch this short video to see what this course is all about.

(Edited by Dave Pughe-Parry - original submission Tuesday, 16 December 2014, 8:27 PM)

Pat Pughe-Parry
Thank you for signing up
by Pat Pughe-Parry - Monday, 17 November 2014, 11:48 AM

Thank you for signing up for a LADD® ADHD Training Course.

We will process your enrolment as soon as possible and send you the necessary login and password and instructions on how to proceed.

Pat Pughe-Parry
Checking in with those who have signed up for the LADD® ADHD Online Parenting Course
by Pat Pughe-Parry - Sunday, 12 October 2014, 12:37 PM


It is Sunday afternoon and I hope I am not disturbing your siesta or lunch-time braai.

We are enjoying the forum posts from those who have started the course and our first participant has reached module 3 which is all about Co-Occurring Conditions and ADHD.

If you haven't started the course it is time to kick the procrastination and jump in. We look forward to interacting with you.

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions please reply on this forum post.


Pat and Dave Pughe-Parry